the need for fun

fun, n. A good experience. Something you not only like to do, but want to do because of the challenge, excitement, or entertainment. The more fun you have, the more you do. The more you do, the quicker you learn. The quicker you learn, the better you get. An unexpected bonus: you’re never discouraged when you’re having fun.


    – The Wickedly Fun Dictionary of Business: Words That Escaped Me

        Before My Brain Finished Downloading, Jerry Hocutt


What makes your job fun? Curiosity (although it kills cats). Humor. Learning. Doing something you haven’t done before. Solving problems. Making a difference. Being creative. Epiphanies (that come at 4 a.m.—ugh!). Improvisation. Teaching others what you learn.


Job satisfaction, says psychologist Ayelet Fishbach, requires that unless you find small pleasures in your daily routine, you will not stick to it. People are energized when “the process of doing something becomes the goal of doing it”. Find the small things that make your job fun, and then work to find them again every day.

Holy Cow

Yes, I made the word and definition up, but it works.