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Do you consider yourself to be somebody who is open to new ideas

and willing to learn from other people’s experiences*? If you are, we

need to talk.


                  weekday presentations only $149 each

                 weekend presentations only $199 each

                 presentations on Seahawks game days...forget it, you can’t afford it


Opening Act Presentations given only in the Seattle/Eastside areas at your location. Prices are for your entire company, not per individual. Fees are plus parking garage/lot costs if applicable. I live in Seattle. I park in Seattle. They charge more than my fees.

book a cheap date!

1. To schedule a cheap date email me at jerry.ht@MakingYourJobFun.com with your choice of day and time, or give me a call at 253.639.0744.


2. Once your appointment is confirmed, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice to hold your time. You don’t need to be a member of PayPal and you can use your credit card.


                     *Experience has answered the question, “Will this work?”

                                                                                – Jerry Hocutt