opening act #1: gutsy!

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You hire people to make a difference. To make a difference they need

courage to get out of their comfort zone to do what needs to be done.

With more courage they’ll stop overthinking the situation, take the

initiative, and be more aggressive.

what can you possibly learn in 20 minutes?

You know what you want. You know why you want it. You know what it takes to get it. Gutsy shows you how to get the courage to go after it!


1.  How to create courage by being a “coward”. (It’s     actually pretty funny;)


2. How an improv guru, Tina Fey, a professional baseball consultant, SNL, and a New Zealand rugby team can teach you courage.


3. William James shows you how to use your body to create courage (without alarming family and friends).

The great need for anyone in authority is


—Alistair Cooke

what can you possibly learn in 20 minutes?

Subtle persuasion is not magic if you know how it’s done. Here’s how to change people’s  behavior—either yours or someone else’s—with undetectable commands.


1. This ancient Chinese technique can even be used to set and reach your goals. I personally witnessed a business owner use it to find a husband.


2. The president of one of the world’s largest chemical

company’s asked me to give him “one word” to get his

people to do what they were asked to do with less

resistance. I gave him the word discovered by Harvard

research. He later wrote to say, “It works like magic—and no one even knows I’m doing it!”


3. Using Wyatt Earp’s advice for how to win a gunfight (“Take your time, but hurry”), this One Minute Meetings

technique will stop you from going brain-dead with a numb butt at departmental meetings.

opening act #2: subtle persuasion

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How did you do that? The Millionaires’ Magician Steve Cohen has a quick 3-step technique that will remove at least 10% of stress from your life.

what can you possibly learn in 20 minutes?

In less that two seconds your handshake telegraphs to others what you think of them, what your intentions are, and how to communicate with you.


1. The best handshake to use in business looks like the worst handshake to use. What makes them different?


2. Management has told me this one handshake has cost more people their jobs, promotions and sales than any other. (And it’s not the one you think.)


3. This handshake will get people to like you and trust you and they don’t even know why.

opening act #3: get a grip!

Beware the message of your handshake. Two things turn women off

about the way men shake hands with them. And it increases the chances they’ll never do business with them.

Handshake, shaking hands, cartoon, free from clipa

With President Donald Trump, a handshake isn’t

a greeting. It’s a test of dominance.

—Maureen Dowd, New York Times

what can you possibly learn in 20 minutes?

C’mon. This’ll be fun! You’ll be the most interesting person in the room.


1. Boss’s lament: “Why can’t you do your job? What’s missing?” Answer these two questions and it could save your job, save your company. It’s what’s demanded of SEAL Team members, what coaches demand from their players, and, surprisingly, what magicians demand from their audiences.


2. You don’t have to be a psychologist, an expert on body language and personalities, a magician, a comedian or an actor to influence people. You just want to know some simple things they do and how to use them to make your job more fun.


3. This simple act establishes you as an authority and gets you instant respect. Which way a picture is facing on someone’s desk tells you their personality and how to deal with them. Friday’s Lotto Fever is the adult version of Elf on the Shelf to cut down on Friday absenteeism.

opening act #4: what every boss wants

Every boss wants their own SEAL Team 6. Every employee wants a job that’s fun and they like doing. They can both have what they want.

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