why do people like what they do?

“Because it’s fun.” Why do they stop doing what they do? “Because it’s no longer fun.” So until you win the lotto, why not explore quick, simple things you can do to make—and keep—your job a little more fun.


opening act presentations

These are short, informal ± 20-minute talks for people with the attention span of a gnat who think Twitter allows too many characters. Who start every conversation with, “What’s the bottom line?” Who can’t remember what the first sentence said and have to go back and read it again. (Tell me you didn’t just do that!)


Opening Act Presentations help set the tone for your next company, sales, or service meeting.


what’s in it for you?

I can’t make you rich or powerful. I can’t make you your parents favorite child. I can, however, show you small things that, if you do them, will make your job a little more fun. (And perhaps make you the most interesting person in the room?!)

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